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In Studio Classes


Dance with us again in the studio and the park!  Extend your limbs without restriction in our large, airy space. 

Due to COVID health precautions, students must register for all in-studio attendance, including single class drop-ins.  

Please note: November/December 2020 Sessions which were paused due to lockdown will resume once we enter Stage 3 of re-opening. Session holders will receive an email confirming resumption.  Single classes will be available if room allows and must be purchased ahead of time. New 6 Week Sessions will be announced for September/October.

Please review the COVID-19 protocol for Artists’ Play here before you consider attending any in-studio classes.


Zoom Classes

We’re now offering Zoom classes so we can visually interact and connect with our dance & fitness community!

Are you already a monthly online subscriber? Zoom classes are included in your membership.

Click below to reserve your spot. You will receive your Zoom link in the evening prior to the class.